Cerulli Spinozzi Irelli - Organic and DOCG, always playing in advance
What to do

For those seeking the roots of the only DOCG which Abruzzo wine can boast to date, this is the right address. Because it was undoubtedly the initial motivation of this family (which over time has combined political initiative and an enlightened sectorial management capacity) and the subsequent prudent and collective direction of the relevant practice, that has made achieving the objective possible. Obstinacy, foresight, vision: the same qualities that convinced this company (founded by the merging of two ancient properties, Cerulli and Spinozzi) to choose organic over twenty years ago, when the tendency was still relatively unknown, unlike today. The same qualities that each day serve to illustrate who took over the baton of management: Enrico Cerulli Irelli introduced the “casa” (a beautiful residence, set against an absolutely charming and exquisite backdrop of vineyards and olive groves, which are open to visits on prior arrangement, all of the events and initiatives related to opening the cellars to the public and with a shop for direct sales) to a further phase of growth, fame and results in Italy and on the export front. The terrain consists of 53 hectares spread over two locations. Among the wines, Riserva DOCG Torre Migliori shines first and foremost, because of its long ageing process and rightly ambitious manner and the latest addition, Pecorino Cortalto. But it is the consistent and enjoyable chorus of the labels (for the entire Cerasuolo harvest) and intelligently balanced price which does such great work.