Salumeria del Parco: The delicious treasure of the wizards of the ‘violin’
What to buy

For a gourmet, but also for any traveller, it’s like entering Ali Baba’s cave. Wood, stone, a long filled counter, and a forest of cold meats (with exquisite perfumes) hanging from the ceiling or ready for slicing. This is just the ante-chamber to the real treasure-house: the ripening store attached to the shop. It’s the magic of the Salumeria del Parco, three generations of master charcutiers and butchers working in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga (park area), amongst woods and pastures full of truffles, mushrooms, herbs, acorns and chestnuts where lu porch’ (in Teramano dialect) is eaten, lives and produced in the traditional way. But the guys from the Salumeria (where the new generation is represented by the great Gabriella) wanted to go one step further. They added an original creation to the wonderful traditional products (including the famous salsicciotti), the ‘violin’ of prosciutto, created by hand ‘sculpting’ the leg of pork as some in the North do with goat. In the shop there are also cheeses and dairy products (all produced with the park), honeys, local wines, sauces, breads, traditional sweet products (the famous bocconotti di Montorio). A stone’s throw from the Salumeria is the Macelleria (butchery) – same owner and mission – dedicated to other local icon, Marchigiana Bianca, and to the mountain saga of the lamb and the mutton: including superb arrosticini.

Where & what

Montorio isn’t just an artisanal “capital” of sweet or salty taste, it is also one of the most fortunate and varied squares in inland Abruzzo for the quality of its food. Of course, the raw ingredients are gorgeous (there is even a specific designation for its extra-virgin olive oil: the montoriese) and partly create the difference. But then, to build upon this excellence, there are chefs, such as the Barnabei husband and wife team from the Osteria deli Ulivi (see the “eat, sleep, buy” section), one of the best restaurants in Abruzzo as evaluated by the guidebooks and enthusiasts (extraordinary pasta dishes and the refined interpretation of galantine). And to ensure variety, even for those who by chance do not love meat dishes, there is the centrally located Lu Mmascarone (see the “eat, sleep, buy” section), in a picturesque location and with a menu that focuses on the triumph that is the “fish of the mountains,“ cod.

Salumeria del parco
Piazza Ercole Vincenzo Orsini 11
64046 Montorio al Vomano (Te)
Tel. +39 (0)861 598413