Fracassa Where the pork is also spreadable
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The company has almost half a century of history, originating from sheep (Enrico Fracassa, the owner, began by breeding sheep) and leading to its most glorious stage of pork products. The company has also evolved, having been directly carved and transformed, resulting in a production of variety, impact and increasing quantity (the demand is increasingly high, and today the company also selectively rears animals, bred by third parties in a manner compatible with the required quality standards). The company attends important national food events, those dedicated to the “superstar” chefs. Their wide assortment includes fresh, cured and preserved sausages, (in lard, according to tradition), classic salamis (but also the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo or local truffle variety), lard, coppiette, etc. However, the undisputed leader of this assortment is a very typical local pig delicacy: the ventricina. Different from its homonym (but not homologous) produced in Molise (this is made of meat scraps and fat assembled together with paprika, the result of which is a creamy and spreadable product), Fracassa offers two versions: the ancestral king size, contained and matured in pig’s bladder, and the modern pret-à-porter packaged in jars.

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We are in the industrial heart of the Val Vibrata, which hides an old green soul. Faraone is a small abandoned hamlet that welcomes visitors with a beautiful monumental gate topped by a crenellated tower, decorated with
a precious bas-relief. Passing through the gate you will come to a small square, onto which faces the Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia. The original structure of Faraone is immediately obvious: the village is divided by an older part with a clearly medieval floor-plan. Some buildings, such as the Palazzo dei Baroni Farina, are particularly interesting. Severely damaged by an earthquake in 1950, it was slowly depopulated until its complete abandonment in the 1970s. In Sant’Egidio, a stop recommended for wine lovers, to Modus, a well-stocked merchant wine house (see chart p.): in the tasting room guests can choose from a wide variety of wines and spirits, assisted by a professional and experienced sommelier.

Via Meucci, 41, 64016 Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata
Tel. +39 (0)861842363