Atri - Fino
From the badlands of Atri, a nature reserve, made unique by the erosion of thousands of years that has turned it into a kind of spontaneous form of land art throughout the Fino valley, you can travel a land rich in sensations and emotions. For centuries the land’s inhabitants have gathered licorice, of which this area is a repository and capital. Here too the Marchigiana breeding farms triumph, along with the production of extra virgin olive oil (particularly the Tortiglione and Castiglionese varieties). Pecorino boasts two varieties par excellence: the rarer, of Atri, and the pecorino of Farindola of which Arsita includes some of the best producers. In the town of Bisenti shines the art of chocolatier Enzo Centini, the greatly talented pastry chef. The wines are extraordinary, with the presence of a multitude of companies within the territory of the DOCG Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Colline Teramane,” since 2003, among the elite of Italian wines. But there is also the artisinal beer which has found skilled brewers and favourable territory here. The turkey recipe as it’s done in Canzano is famous and unique. The rituals and folklore are “ legendary,” when one considers the great care with which they are preserved and replicated.