Laga - Vibrata
Stories and memories of brigands and Bourbons, with their traditions and their flavours. Between the Monti Gemelli and Val Vibrata - dominated by the imposing Bourbon fortress of Civitella del Tronto, in a village among the most beautiful in Italy, famous for its cuisine - we find chestnuts and porcini mushrooms in Valle Castellana and Rocca Santa Maria, and an excellent production of vegetables and fruits and plenty of truffles in the area of Torricella Sicura. From the historic olive groves of the “oliva tenera ascolana” cultivar come the raw material for the stuffed olives, a delight imitated worldwide. Not least of all, the famous “Virtù”, perhaps the main dish of Teramo’s glorious cuisine. There is also the millennium-old tradition of the “porchetta di Campli” and the chance to explore archaeological sites and ancient forests.